Sunday, June 17, 2012

A New Relationship - Part 4

Hi all!

This is the second last entry in the series - I've written them all, now it's just to add some pictures, and they'll all be up.

Day 22 - Rebuttal

The next day, my recruiter called me up very confused.  After all, I had accepted the offer.  I told him it was the contents of the contract, which I didn't see yet.  He asked for specifics, and I gave him some sections I didn't like.

He offered to fix the contract, and gave me a new one. All my concerns were addressed, but I felt bullyed into it, so I didn't want to make the change. I got so stressed out, I needed closure, so I emailed the client and told him that I wouldn't be joining.

Day 23 - A Kind Hand

The next morning, I had a modified contract with everything I wanted, and a frantic recruiter asking why I was done with the deal, but I was 99% sure I wasn't going to change.

An email from the client directly to me made me re-think.  He was kind, he genuinely understood my concerns, addressed them honestly, and didn't make me feel crazy for having concerns.   He provided information on his team, and shared some details he didn't need to in order to make me feel comfortable, and to cap it off, he told me to take my time in my decision.  The recruiter kept asking me when I'd have an answer, but here was the client telling me to take all the time I needed. Amazing.

The client also advised that a member of his team would be in HRM next week, and that it might be beneficial to meet with him to get some more information before making my decision. Great idea, and one I wanted to do. It was a bit of a struggle to tell the recruiter that I was taking my time, but I was coming from a good place, and was up to the challenge.

Day 30 - Confirmation

That week was very enlightening.  I read a lot of stuff on the web about contract employees, what they liked and what they disliked. I read about the client, and how people loved working for them. I felt kind of excited, but I wanted to meet the team member from the client with an open mind.

The day of the meeting came, and I was impressed. The guy was awesome, and gave me the absolute impression that this was the right move to make. I waited for a bit, just to let it sink in, and then emailed my boss at RIM asking if we could talk.  I figured I'd talk to him about notice before making it official, but I was confident things were going right.  I drove to the office, and everything went great - no hard feelings, and I'd keep working up until the day before I switched. Everything was cool.

The next entry has to do with my feelings after the first 2 weeks at the new gig. Sneak peek - I'm happy with my decision.

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