Saturday, April 5, 2014

New gadget frenzy (good or bad?)

Hi all,

I've had 2 new gadgets enter my life:

OUYA - the Open Source gaming console - so far it's good for emulating other gaming systems (NES, SNES, PS1) and media, but the games on it... kinda meh.

Chromebook - I got this one to play with, and play with it I am - so far, my beefs are:

Right-clicking (sometimes I can do it)
Copying and Pasting (see above)
non-web friendly apps (Teamviewer)
Constantly switching languages (this is me being bad, and I have hope for my habits)

The price was right for both ($25 for OUYA and $260 for the chromebook), but I'm not sold on either.

Lifehacker has great articles about making the most of both of them here and here, and the fact that these articles existed was a huge push for me.  I can make them even better!  Sign me up!  The downside is, these articles didn't really make it better, just had me use them more.

Anyone have any experiences with either of these things to push me one way or the other?