Wednesday, November 14, 2012

From "just internet" to full meal deal

Cross posting so I can test writing on wordpress and Blogger.

So, this evening, we get a knock on our door at 6 something pm. It's a Bell guy talking about a new promotion they have with FibreOp, and I am PSYCHED to shut him down with my objections. I've done the research, and the promotional rate lasts for a paltry amount of time, and then you're stuck with a horrendous rate for another eternity to fulfill a contract.

Dude stuns me immediately with both barrels - "We stopped requiring contracts and the promotional rate lasts for 12 months. After that, you can do what you want without penalty."

Yes please!

The dude is giving his spiel about the full meal deal package (internet, phone, tv), but I stop him to say all I dig is internet. His face falls, and he gives me the rate, which is way better than I was expecting, and he's in.

While we're doing the obligatory credit check, he asks me about why I only want internet, and I launch into very familiar territory - everything is available online (no mention of torrents) and my better half and I both have cell phones, so cable and phone are un-needed expenses. I totally believe these objections too. We've lived without cable TV since 2007, and without home phone since 2008 (not counting magicjack's awesomeness for a year). Despite minor reservations, it's been awesome, and for those who want to cut back in spending, I heartily endorse this method.

Since a land line is something I'd like to know more about, I ask what the diffference would be. Small potatoes, appparently, and since my wife's cell phone is through Bell, we get a $5 bundle discount. Hmmmmm. Would it be all that bad?

20 minutes later, we're signed up for cable, PVR, land line, internet, and I have to cut up my custom "lived without cable for 5 years - and I'm still here!" tshirt. I feel like a baby looking at "channels" and "networks", and I'm excited.

Although I hope to go bqck to minamialist in 2 months (a built in trial so that we get to keep a gift card), I'm going to try to stay open to my previous self and see how it goes.

How have your experiences gone with or without cable and/or landlines? Any pitfalls I should watch for?