Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fun things my eldest son has said

Hi all,

This post is as much about remembering these quotes as it is about sharing them. Although both of my sons are completely awesome, my eldest is 100% more vocal, so all of these quotes are by him.

"When I get to Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Tony's house, I'm going to go into the living room, and yell 'How's everybody doing?'"

"I LOVE YOU, THE SYSTEM!" (yelled to no one in particular, so, to the system, I guess?)

"I shouldn't stand up in the car so that you'll love me."

Joel: "I have a headache."
Heather: "What does it feel like?"
Joel: "Potatoes. And cold."

"We have to run across the desert, Jerome!" (I was Jerome the camel from Little Drummer Boy, the scariest puppet show there ever was.
"Oh wait, we don't have to run, because I have all my gadgets"

What awesome things have you heard from youngins?


  1. Mary Jo (AKA Nan) often suggests that Joel might like to read a book when he's a bit wound up. It usually works and he said to her: "you really like your books, Nan." Last week, Nan wanted him to come for a walk to get some fresh air. He wasn't interested and after resisting for a while, suggested "What about a book Nan?"

  2. I've likely forgotten most of Tori's funny comments - but a few that really stand out are: "That is inappropriate for little girls you know!" (At about age 3 to her father when she didn't want to watch the show he was watching.) "Mommy! Hold my hand! You don't want to lose me do you?" And more recently since becoming a teenager "Why bother kissing a bunch of frogs if you can wait for a prince to come along?"

  3. Melissa - Tori's teenager quote should be a BILLBOARD! Amazing!

  4. I've decided to update this thread with new entries:

    On watching Diego: "This song kinda gives me and Luna a headache."

    After he was discovered eating something:
    Heather: "What were you eating?"
    Joel: "I don't want to tell you, because it was somthing I'm not supposed to eat. And I'm finished now."
    Heather: "Ok, but what was it?"
    Joel: Maybe it was some thread, or some fur?"

    1. "Maybe I used a little bit of Fisbee's magic" (Fisbee is our Elf on the Shelf)

  5. Me: (something unrelated to milk)
    Joel: So, what you're saying is that we're out of milk?
    Me: No, but, would you like some milk?
    Joel: Yes, please, if I get to smidge both of you (to Heather and me)

  6. (while playing with Heather, who was playing airplane with him)
    Mommy, I need you to be quiet like a building.

  7. Talking about where we live:

    Lots of people live in lots of different provinces, like New Brunswick, and Ontario and Oshkosh.

    When we asked him where Oshkosh was, he informed us that it was on an island far away from the beach

  8. (I guarantee auto correct is not writing this comment - he is a budding poet)
    Cats in manholes
    Sea turtles under bus wheels
    Sandman throwing cars
    This is my life