Monday, April 27, 2015

Stuff I don't like

Hi all,

I have more stuff I like, but I want to talk about my dislikes for a bit, just to get it off my chest.

Everyone is unique, but it's very easy to generalize people.  I'm very peggable, so when I don't like something, or do something, that I'm supposed to like people get weird.  I like to avoid confrontation, so I won't talk much about this stuff in public.  This blog is a fun outlet for me, so here goes:

I love most TV, but there are some shows that turn me off.  For instance:

Big Bang Theory - I used to absolutely adore this show.  I did.  When my friend described it as mean-spirited, I honestly didn't know what he meant.  And then I watched it in that light.  There's a lot right about the show, but there's a lot wrong too.  For those who like it, keep watching it. I'll be over here.

Doctor Who - I laughed, I cried (a lot), I whooped, I shouted, I loved this show.  Sure, there were a few times where I was like "Come on!  They can't do that!", but those times were few and far between.  Something clicked in me when they announced the latest doctor, Peter Capaldi, who looks amazing, but I couldn't enjoy it anymore.  Then Cracked released this gem which put into words almost exactly what I was feeling:

Unlike Big Bang, for those who love Doctor Who, I envy you.  I used to be you.  I want to go back, but something won't let me.  I'm not better than you, you are better than me.

Beer - I've often envied people who like beer.  In the early days of drinkingness (is that a thing?) it was the cheapest way to get a buzz.  It was socially acceptable.  Nowadays, my friends talk a lot about what makes a beer great, and there are all these varieties and stuff.  Both things are super appealing, but I'm not on board.  It tastes gross.

Fruit - I like eating, and most of what I eat isn't good for me.  I do love most vegetables, but most fruit is not something I like.  I want to like it, it's good for me, and it sounds delicious, but... yeah. Some food likes to straddle the line between fruit and vegetable, just to make me debate it in my head, and outwardly for awhile.  There are two huge offenders, and the others just kind of fade into the distance:

  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers

They both have seeds!  That's the end of the discussion in my head, but grocery stores often disagree, and say that they're vegetables.  Whatever you call em, I don't like them.  My sons have not caught whatever illness affects me, and they love fruit.  I'm extremely happy about that.

Cool - I'm glad to get that stuff off my chest.  Later I'll have more stuff I like.


  1. Ok ok ok. Fine. I get the tomatoes and seeds and peppers, and I'll grant you raspberries and strawberries for their seedy nature. I'll give you Big Bang Theory because the laugh track is in the wrong place. Beer bloats, and feels like crap the next day, and sometimes even the same day. But Dr Who. No sir. No sir, indeed.

    That misguided video from Cracked is such a short-sighted hipster-complaint, that I reject it outright. Every reference to "plot holes" and breaking rules is utter shiet. Sure Rory came back, but it wasn't really him, and you suppose Pond doesn't know? He's some kind of robotic automaton who appears to be faking like he's Pinocchio. Sure the show doesn't follow any trauma, but they always put on a brave face for the Doctor.

    The rules are broken for the TARDIS because it's old, and deeply flawed. It isn't just a machine, it's a soul, and it's a horribly broken soul. Imagine being in love with the Doctor, and seeing him seduce young human after young human, century after century. The Doctor is a bit of a creep, but don't take it out on the TARDIS.

    Now let's talk about the Cracked journalists complete ignorance towards the "wibbily wobbily timey wimey" stuff. Doctor Who is a time traveler. Not just a time traveler, but one who manipulates the past and the future in an inconsistent way. His randomness is driven by both himself and the TARDIS. Are there methods to his madess? Is there a plan, or is he a rogue feather on the wind? His actions are always very directed and driven, and he acts surprised whenever he arrives, but perhaps it's a put-on. If you cannot accept that time travel makes things happen out of order, then perhaps a time travel based serial isn't for you! I can accept that, but don't shame the story line because it's not linear! That's the point!

    Maybe, and just maybe, I'll give you the fact that his race typically lives for 12 regenerations. The first doctor referenced the fact that he was not the first incarnation of the Doctor, so that means he's probably past the point where he should still be alive. But then again, extraordinary things have happened to the Doctor even more than your average Time Lord. I think we can agree that he is not your average Time Lord.

    If you walk away, fine. Walk away. But if you choose to wade into the realm of impossible and improbable, remember this:

    Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. Don't look away, don't turn your head, and don't blink.