Sunday, June 10, 2012

A new relationship - Part 1

Hi all,

Thank you for your patience!  I hope to get this blog up to date soon - here's part 1:

April 18th - Day 1 - Courtship (telemarketing style)

Around 11am, I got a call asking me if I were interested in a job. Based on my previous experience where jobs I'm qualified to do pay very little compared to what I did at RIM, I blew it off. Besides, it sounded like the dude was reading from my resume, not from actual qualifications. A+ and MCP are excellent assets? Those are just initials I haven't looked at or cared about in almost 10 years.

However, I'm me, and I avoid confrontation like the plague, so I agree to be sent information - expecting to see something like "must be willing to sell children" and take my easy out.

I got the email, and it was pretty generic - just saying that it was a "long-term contract position". That phrase was a warning to me, but I thought I could use it to my advantage when weaseling out of this malarkey. No statement about who the company was, or what the role was other than support.

*edit - reading the email now, there are all kinds of clues to who the company was, but I guess I wasn't looking hard enough.

I responded advising that I had the information, and to get myself some more information, I asked some questions about hours of work and the all-important salary (bound to be pitiful).

I had my answer in just over an hour, and was mildly surprised. I talked to my wife, and I figured I'd find out where this was going and talk to the recruiter the next day.

April 19th - Day 2 - 2nd date

Armed with my "easy-out" of talking about how contract work isn't for me if things start to go south, I get a call back from the recruiter the next day.  Right away, he asks if contract work is a concern. I was taken aback, because that was supposed to be my topic to bring up, but the gentleman was now telling me some drawbacks of contract work, and now able to tell me the company name that the role was for.  He also didn't scoff at my salary question, and asked what my minimum would be. Huh.  This was taking a turn for the weird.

The recruiter said that he would get in touch with the client if I was interested in pursuing the role further, and I let him know that was cool.

I hung up the phone feeling absolutely sure that this wouldn't lead anywhere, but I would follow up with some people just in case...

Next part includes what every relationship has to have - it could be either a deception or a misunderstanding, all depending on your point of view.

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