Friday, June 15, 2012

A New Relationship - Part 2

Hi all!

I'm relying heavily on my trail of emails, which justifies my "never delete anything" mentality when it comes to email:

Day 3 - A Lie (from my point of view)

It's very important that this next day was a Thursday - near the end of the week. The recruiter calls to keep me up to date, and he tells me he has enough information to take to the client. I may have mis-heard him, but I have the distinct impression that I heard, "You should be hearing from them this week, or at the latest, Monday."

When Monday came and went, and I didn't hear anything, I thought, "Oh well, I guess I wasn't what they were looking for". I waited until Tuesday, and then casually emailed the recruiter, asking if there was any feedback. He wrote back all confused, and advised that my next communication should be directly with the client. I read and re-read that email, trying to find my mistake. Sadly, I didn't have the ability to refer to a paper trail about our call the previous Thursday, but felt lied to. Regardless, I didn't have any news, so I let it be. The recruiter advised me to sit tight, as I would be hearing from the client "any moment now". I didn't know that a moment could last a week, but...

Day 10 - Video Conference Invitation

After having abandoned hope of feedback (even though I didn't want the job, I masochistically wanted to know why they didn't want me), I proceeded with the day-to day awesomeness of family and working for RIM. Then, out of the blue, the same recruiter is calling me and is asking if I can have a video conference with the client, as they weren't able to make it out to Halifax, but that they'd like to "meet" me.  I was cool with that, and soon received an invitation from the client. I thought it was pretty nice of them to give me my feedback over video chat, but I was mistaken.

Next days - my video "interview" and it's my turn to lie

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