Monday, September 10, 2012

Am I a "Gym" person? Time to find out...

Hi all,

Last weekend I had the discovery that my belt makes me uncomfortable. It took me a few hours to figure out, but when I did, and moved my belt one notch in, my world darkened. I've known for awhile that I've been out of shape, but this brought things home. I'm extremely happy it wasn't a health issue or anything serious, so I decided to take action before anything serious happened.

Some backstory:

At the end of 2011, I was working for RIM, and they have an amazing package designed to keep people happy. They give you a certain amount of money every year to spend on fitness, smoking cessation, or to make your health better in any number of ways.  It's a fantastic idea, and I fully commend them in the pursuit of happiness for their employees. One of the cornerstones of their idea is a deep discount on gym memberships at Goodlife.  When I joined RIM in 2006 the number of Goodlife franchises in Nova Scotia was 1, and the number of those franchises which allowed men to work out was 0. Since the merger between Goodlife and Nubody's - that number has increased (11 in Halifax Regional Municipality), and the discount increased, so... what the hey, I got a year's membership.

In January of 2012, I went into the Goodlife near me, signed my membership agreement, got my swanky barcode thingie to let me in the doors, and I was all set to go.  Although it was offered (and kind of expected), I had no intention of working out that day, but would absolutely return to do the exercising.

Fast forward to last weekend, and I went back a grand total of 0 times. I returned tonight to make sure I was still able to come and play, and sure enough I was. The staff were super keen to have me join classes, and it kinda weirded me out, but I went on the treadmill for 30 minutes (running is way too generous a term for what happened) and came home.

It was kinda surreal, as I hadn't been in a gym or locker room environment since my teens, and I was very unhappy at first, but I've decided to keep going when I can.  I won't do any classes (yet), but I'm going to "run" on the treadmill and listen to music, and see where that takes me.

Any helpful hints of stuff to try?


  1. Do a session with a trainer to learn about the equipment and figure out what you like.

  2. Thank you minako! I have conflicting info on trainers at this place (either the first one's free or you get a "heavily discounted rate" of ridiculously expensive) - I'll dig deeper.