Saturday, June 16, 2012

A New Relationship - Part 3

Hi all,

Part 3 comin' straaaaaaaight atcha!

Day 20 - Video Conference

Heather was gracious enough to take the boys to visit their Grammy, so I had the house all to myself for my video conference. I was prepped over the weekend by my recruiter, who told me that this was like an interview, and provided some tips and things to speak on.

I mis-judged the timing because of the difference of time zones, but that gave me an hour to work out some technical kinks, so it worked out quite well.

The call itself was more the client talking than me - lots about the position and about the company, and he only asked me one question - describe yourself in 3 words.

We ended the call with the plan that the successful candidates would receive a face-to-face interview the next week.
Day 21 - Really?

The day after my video conference, the recruiter called back and asked how it went, and the ever so sly question "If you were to receive an offer today, would you take it?". I said that yes I would, thinking that a negative answer would halt the process, and I wouldn't learn more.  After all, I thought the next step was a face to face interview.

About an hour later, he called back and offered me the job. I was flabergasted, but accepted, and awaited the contract via email.

The contract was an excellent reality check, and gave me a ton of questions that I would have asked in the face-to-face interview, and I realized that I didn't want to make this move.

I confirmed that I had received the contract, but that I needed time to mull it over.  I used the time I bought myself to solidify my feelings, and get some wording for it.  Once that was done, I wrote the recruiter that I would not be accepting the contract, but thanking him and the client for their time.

I thought that was the end, but I was very wrong.

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