Thursday, September 5, 2013

Techie awesomeness - Part 2 - Just Giv'er

Hi all,

I think that if you consider yourself to be technically inclined, you love to play. I think the elements of play and discovery are paramount to getting to know your world, and your technology.  Getting the most out of your technology takes playing.

So, play.

That's it. Play. And don't be afraid to break it. If you really broke it well, someone might pay you to find out how you did it. Following a method may be boring, but it works. Make one change, and if it's better, keep it.  If it's not better, revert to how you were doing stuff before.  Beats the heck outta making 10 changes, and finding the combination didn't work. How do you know which change sucked, and which change was awesome?


When did you find something about technology just by chance?

Part 3 tomorrow on apps that make technology work better for you instead of wasting time. The wasting time ones can be fun too, but that's another thing...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Michael. I'm a big fan of playing. Too many people are afraid of breaking it or losing something or just doing what they've been told rather than making the software and hardware work the way you would like it to. Experimenting can be fun and even productive. You have to be willing to "waste" a bit of time to reap some long term benefits and know what can and can't be done. Be a kid with your toys:)