Monday, April 20, 2015

Stuff I like (updated) - Part 2 - TV

Hi all,

Here's part 2 of the stuff I like series, this time, it's TV!

I'm going to mention a few of my favourite shows, but I'm anticipating leaving out an absolute favourite, there are so many awesome shows!

Here's my list:


Black Mirror - recommended by a friend who generally dislikes EVERYTHING, this series absolutely blows my mind.  I couldn't describe it at all after seeing all of it (6 episodes), and I didn't want to recommend it to everyone.  It was like nothing else that's out there.  Then someone compared it to Twilight Zone, and it clicked - this is like Twilight Zone. Disturbingly awesomely, dark science fiction.  The perfect "What if..." show.  Don't watch it unless you want to be deeply disturbed, but it's glorious.

New Girl - perfect fluff.  Constantly smart, insightful, and funny. Lovely. I keep switching favourite moments and favourite characters.  They're all amazing.

Game of Thrones - you know how awesome it is.  If you don't, you have people already telling you. I'll join their ranks.  It's awesome.  No one is safe.

Orphan Black - I would now watch Tatiana Maslany read the phone book.  I'm glad she was given this role, as her talent is extremely awesome.  The show is pure pulpy science fiction awesomeness.

Comic Book Men - Kevin Smith slid under my radar with this one.  I was watching Walking Dead, and AMC was promoting this new show which had a cool name, so I decided to check it out.  My friend tells me that it's a re-framing of a Kevin Smith podcast, and I'm sold.  I have not been disappointed.  A pawn shop show taking place in a comic book store.  Gold.

Orange is the New Black - a beautiful commentary on the prison system, and how very few people know anything about it, and so much more.  Lovely, heartwarming, heartbreaking, and other stories. It's fantastic to see that Kate Mulgrew is so much more than Janeway as well.


These have gone off the air, but are still on repeat in my mind.

Breaking Bad - In my mind, AMC can do no wrong.  I didn't believe Bryan Cranston could do anything.  Now I can see, he can move mountains. Also - this exists, for those who think they know the show.

The Wire - Slow burn, investment show that tells it like it is, or what we believe it is.  For the first 4 episodes, I didn't even know why it was called The Wire, and I thought I didn't care about why, or anything about the show.  I was wrong.

West Wing - Hot and cold episodes, but overall awesome.  We get to see a presidency entertaining enough for television, but informative enough.

Newsroom - Having two Aaron Sorkin shows right next to each other is kind of cheating, since they have such huge similarities, but these two are separate and awesome.  This show taught me more about society than anything else.  Sure, it's preachy, but I needed some preaching.

Runners Up:

So much awesome:

Firefly, South Park, Walking Dead, Sports Night, Gilmore Girls, Commuity, Portlandia, Battlestar Galactica, IT Crowd, Parenthood, Modern Family, Lost, Doctor Who, the list goes on forever.

I'm an idiot for ever saying that TV was low quality.

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