Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My bad behaviour - Part 2 - Transportation

Hi all,

This is one that I feel less guilty of, but I am absolutely guilty of doing bad things.

Transportation (public and private) - Road rage has been known and discussed for a long time, but my bad behaviour is kinda the opposite. Don't get me wrong, I can get overtly angry at people when they do the wrong thing (which they constantly do), but I'm cool with that part. The thing I do which bugs me is being a huge perpetrator of the "distributed responsibility" phenomenon while I'm safely wrapped in my plastic/metal bubble. 

Here's an example since that last paragraph was kinda weird: Every day I drive to work a similar way. I often see the same person, or people, walking to work, and I knew where they were going (the same place I was). I absolutely had room to pick them up (before I had two car seats lashed in), but thought to myself "someone else will pick them up". Inevitably no one picked them up. This sucked huge donkey balls when it was raining, or heaven forbid snowing.  I could feel my credibility as a human being decreasing every time I saw them come in drenched.

The same thing goes for people having problems with their car.  I'm totally not able to help with technical car stuff, but I have a phone and a CAA card. Instead I think "someone who's good with cars will stop...", and I'm pretty sure that never happens (sad face).

Buses are a whole different can of suck. Bus etiquette is weird, awful, and possibly just in my head, but I think these are the rules:

  1. If there are the half the number of people on the bus as there are seats on the bus, no one should have to sit next to each other. 
  2. ONLY if there are more than half should people sit next to each other, and if two people are sitting next to each other they CANNOT acknowledge each others existence. 
  3. "Saving" a seat next to you by placing any belonging on it is a totally acceptable way to not have to sit by anyone, and who cares if it makes people stand.
  4. If there are more people on the bus than seats, it's a stare-down battle by the standing folk to determine who claims any seat vacated. Physical ability has nothing to do with it.
  5. Happy people are weird. Stay serious and/or numb.

Am I close? Am I wrong to be angry that this is the bus etiquette situation?

People should feel good about taking public transportation, they're helping the planet and stuff. This etiquette certainly doesn't inspire me to take the bus any time soon.

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  1. I forgot about this gem:

    Texting while driving sucks. I'm guilty of it, but I suck. Proof: