Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome (back?)!

Hi everyone!

For the last few weeks, I've been mulling a lot about things, and remembering how therapeutic it was to write stuff down. In the past, I was all about writing stuff down, but just for my purposes. Now, even if no one is reading it, I like the idea that someone could read it, and either it helps them out, or they help me out.

Enter Blog #2, where I'm going to keep things theme-less for now, and despite excellent advice, I'm not going to set an expectation for when new posts will happen.

Here are the two things I want to accomplish with this blog:

1 - I'd like to be completely honest, so posts might be boring or surprising, depending on nothing at all.

2 - Potentially in conflict with #1, I'd like to keep a generally positive tone. I consider myself a fairly positive person, so I hope this will be easy, but we'll see. Similar to Asimov's rules of Robotics, I'll defer to #1 when I gotta vent.

I warn in advance about potentially boring content, but if it's too boring for you, either don't read, or let me know how I can service you better :)

Thank you, and welcome back!


  1. Welcome back indeed!
    I've always enjoyed your ramblings and observations... and was sad to see Daddy's home leave the blogosphere (I think it is a word). Huzzah and Hooray!

  2. Thank you! It's a great feeling! Glad you're reading!